Jerusalem through the Ages Wiki

Every student will create a 1400–1500 word encyclopedia-style article on something or someone relevant to the history and culture of Jerusalem. The article will be posted here to the class Wiki ( with 15 active links to other web pages embedded in its text and five relevant, embedded images. The Wiki article will conclude with a bibliography of four academic sources and four links to related materials on the web, neither of which will be included in the word count.

The Wiki article will count for 15 percent of the course grade.

It will be assessed on the basis of substantive content (80%) and presentation (20%).

Create your page by choosing a descriptive title for your article, enter it in the entry box on the left under 'pages,' and then click 'new page.' You will be allowed to edit the page after its creation.

Please create a link to your page on the 'Contents' page. Click on 'Contents' in the top menu to the left. Choose 'edit this page' on the 'All Class Articles' page that comes up. Include a 'page link' to your new article. I have found that the 'page link wizard' feature will not create the proper link. To fix it, simply insert 'wiki:' in front of the name of your page:


For example, if my page is entitled 'Theodor Herzl', the wizard creates the code

[[[Theodor Herzl]]]

which doesn't work (try it: Theodor Herzl). It tells me the page doesn't exist.


[[[wiki:Theodor Herzl]]]

does work (try it: Theodor Herzl).

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